6 Features to Consider When Buying a USB Dongle

In a digital era, staying connected is not an option but a necessity. Whether it is for work or personal use, investing in devices that are a means of reliable internet connectivity is of sheer importance. There are many connectivity tools but USB Dongles stand out as indispensable devices. 

Many brands are available in the market with unique features. It can become confusing; this is why it is best to know what the purpose is before buying one. These compact devices are used to create wireless connection in a laptop or tablet. While other type of USB adapters are used for storing data or hardware upgrades. Given the many uses of USB devices, each has a set of features that is important to consider before making a purchase. Read on to learn what those 6 essential features are for making the right buying decision.

  • Compatibility

A USB dongle is connected to a laptop, tablet, smart phone or any device with a USB interface. The first thing to check is compatibility, in layman terms you have to check the device’s operating system and hardware specifications. If you are going to connect the adaptor to your laptop, you will have to see whether the dongle’s version i.e. USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 is aligned with the Windows of your tablet or laptop. You can take help from an expert in the field who will check your system and advice accordingly. 

  • Speed and Performance

If you are going to use the dongle for high-bandwidth tasks such as HD video streaming, heavy file downloads or video conferencing, speed and performance will be the second important feature to consider. If the networking dongle doesn’t support blazing fast data transfer speeds such as 802.11ac then they will not render the purpose. One of the major benefits of using these devices is the ability to get wireless internet connection even in remote and rural areas. 

  • Plug and Play Feature

In most situations we have seen that when the device has to be used, driver installations are required. These are often very tedious and time-consuming tasks. Many people also can’t figure out but this problem is greatly resolved with plug and play devices. They are much easier to use and will connect your laptop or smartphone within seconds. Make sure to check if the USB dongle offers a plug and play feature. 

  • Portability

USB dongles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are compact while others may be bulky. What you need is a compact design which will be easier for you to take with you anywhere. Business travelers will especially benefit from the compact size for on the go use. There are large dongles with antennas but they are better suited for signal reception. The smaller ones can even fit in your pocket.

  • Signal Strength and Coverage

Does the USB dongle offer wide coverage as you may need to use in a location where the signals are weak or maybe in a rural area. These devices feature external antennas which will ensure you get reliable wireless connection even in hard-to-reach places. 

  • Durability and Quality

A well constructed and sturdy USB device will be your companion on foreign routes and for years to come. The durability is very important if you are going to use it while traveling. The ones with casing and sturdy connectors are a must-have for optimal use. 

We hope these features will help you find the right device for wireless connectivity or any other specific task. It is highly recommended to read the customer reviews and speak with an expert who can better guide you while buying USB dongles by Horizon Powered. Also some offer one year warranty if the product turns out faulty so make sure you have all the information. 

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