Choosing the Best POS System for Your Auto Repair Shop


Owning a small repair store means having a really long list of things to do all the time. There’s always something to fix, keep track of, or check on. If your store is growing, there are even more repairs to handle. It feels good to do all this work, but sometimes it can feel too much. This can make it easy to make mistakes because there’s so much to do and not enough time.

Every day, you and your mechanics have to handle a lot: managing workers, keeping track of what’s in stock, dealing with customer requests, doing the money stuff like accounting, sales reports, and paying your workers. It’s a lot!

That’s why auto repair point-of-sale software Torque360 for your shop is suitable to handle everything mentioned earlier. It should also be able to make invoices, print them out, and send them to customers. Finding the best one can be tricky.

Let’s delve in!

When Did You Find a POS System Helpful?

If you want to make payments with credit and debit cards and keep track of your car repair sales easily, getting a POS system for an auto repair shop is smart. Even really small shops can do better with a good system like this.

If you don’t have an excellent way to record each car repair sale digitally, it’s tough to know precisely what you’re fixing. Basically, having more info about your work helps you make better choices.

Also, using a small shop system makes your car repair place look more professional, which is essential when starting out.

Functionalities to Choose the Best POS System

Here are several key features that should be included in even the most fundamental POS software you’re considering for your repair business:

Repair Order and Tracking

One of the most important jobs of a POS system is making and following repair orders. Doing this accurately and without mistakes is super important. Automation helps with this, making things smoother for your business. It means better ways of working, better service and ensuring people trust your business more.

Repair Cost Management

Creating quotes and estimates every time a device needs fixing can lead to many mistakes. It can also make things harder for your workers. That’s why having software for auto repair shops is super important. This software helps figure out the cost and handle payments. 

The price is shown on the cash register when the job details and parts are put into the system. And when the vehicle is fixed, you can get paid through the software. Ideally, technicians shouldn’t have to spend time writing the same data for customers again and again.

Understanding How Well the Mechanics Are Doing

Understanding how well your mechanics are doing can help during a tire shortage and other supply problems. Workers who are great at their jobs can really help your business. If they know how their job fits into the big picture, they can figure out what customers need and spot any issues with supplies or helping customers.

The POS system for auto repair shops nowadays has tools to show how each person is doing at work over time. With that info, you can reward the excellent work and help those who need it. Further, you’ll know who to ask for advice when dealing with supply issues.

Multi Payment Options

Customers nowadays use many different ways to pay for things they buy and pay for every day. It’s not just about using cash anymore like it used to be. If you want more people to come to your auto repair shop and make your current customers happy, you should give them more ways to pay.

POS is a perfect system for your shop. It can handle lots of different ways people pay for repairs:

  • Cash
  • Paying with a phone (Mobile payment)
  • Paying without touching anything (Contactless payment)
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards

The availability of several payment options may encourage consumers to make larger purchases since they are constantly able to choose a method that suits them. You don’t need to purchase anything additional because a point-of-sale system includes all these payment options.

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Digital Checklists for Repair Tasks

An automotive POS system for auto repair shops would let you make lists when you write up a card for a repair job. These lists help you write down how the vehicle looks and ensure you have all the okays from the customer. 

It’s super helpful for keeping things neat and making sure nothing important gets forgotten by your mechanics. With this system, everything’s in one place, making it easy for everyone to see all the details.

Managing Employees in the Repair Shop

Using point-of-sale software that automatically determines who works and handles repairs can ensure your day-to-day tasks go well. It helps set the work times right, so nobody works at the same time or when there’s no one there. This makes everything smoother by stopping times when nothing gets done because of mistakes. 

Customer Relationship Management

When you have a repair garage, you must keep track of your customers’ information, like names, phone numbers, what they buy, what they like, and what they think about your store. A point-of-sale system does more than just handle sales – it also helps keep this info organized. 

It can work with your special deals for regular customers, send emails, and even use various tools to talk to them. This way, you can make offers and suggestions that fit each customer. Moreover, it lets customers give their opinions, and you can answer them. 

Wrapping Up!

Choosing the POS system for your mechanic shop involves a comprehensive understanding of your shop’s needs, essential features, compatibility, user-friendliness, security, support, cost, and reviews. By evaluating these factors diligently, you can select an auto repair point-of-sale software that optimizes operations, enhances customer service, and contributes to your garage’s success.

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