8656696225537: Who is Calling me Repeatedly from this Number?

If you are also worried because of the constant calls from 8656696225537 number or you do not know whose number it is then today I will tell you why you are worried. Getting calls from the same number again and again is something you should be concerned about, but you are not the only victim. Many people have asked this question. Come let’s start and know about the 8656696225537 number.

Who is Calling me Repeatedly from 8656696225537 Number?

Several reports are linking the number 8656696225537 to an Amazon Prime scam. Pre-recorded automated call informing you that your Amazon Prime membership is about to be renewed/canceled and you will be charged for it. When you receive such a call, you will be given a message by pressing 1 which will connect you to an Amazon Customer Service executive. But let us tell you that the person speaking to you will be a fake agent or these fake agents are trained to be persuasive, but they will drain your bank account.

And when you keep talking to these fraudsters, they will try to get you to download software on your device and say that through this they can access your computer and fix the problem. After that, they will ask you to enter your account details so that they can renew Amazon Prime and on this pretext, they will take all your money.

How to Avoid These Scammers/ Spam Numbers?

Let us give you some suggestions to avoid all this:-

  • If you get a call like this, please do not press 1 as it will alert you to a scammer, premium rate call, or both.
  • Do not install any software or link your bank account.
  • If you get any such call then you should immediately disconnect the call.
  • Go to Amazon’s official site and talk to customer care there to learn about your Prime membership.
  • No official customer care will ask you about your bank details, so be careful.
  • The best way to avoid spam if you get a call from an unknown number is to generally not answer or interact with the caller. This helps you avoid potential scams or unwanted solicitations.
  • If you get an unknown call from the same number, block that number, this will not block all your spam calls but will stop calls from that one number.
  • You can report the spam number, it may be a phishing or cyber crime which will stop the calls.
  • The most important thing is that you should never give your personal information to anyone calling from an unknown number, especially your account details.

I have shared these things with you through my experience so that you will be able to avoid spam calls.


You will not get any call from Amazon for this, you will just get a notification that it is the last date of your Amazon Prime, and do the same. And even if the call comes, it will never make you download any software, nor will it ask for the data of your personal accounts. Always be alert and cautious of spam calls.


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