A Gender Reveal Party: What Is It?

A gender reveal is an occasion to celebrate meeting up with those closest to you, who serve as your ultimate support system and learning as a group whether the expectant parents are having a boy or a girl.

A gender reveal usually entails finding an inventive way to announce the gender of the unborn child. The hosts use various means to announce the gender of the baby, one of them is gender reveal confetti cannons.

Who is throwing the party?

The soon-to-be parents usually throw the party. This is a chance to gather friends together and discuss everything related to babies and life after they are born. The soon-to-be parents can take the lead on this one because friends and relatives are probably busy organizing a baby shower. However, in certain situations, they could have a gender reveal party.

How should I prepare for a gender reveal party?

There are no prerequisites here! Of course, offering to bring a meal or dessert to share is almost always appreciated by hostesses. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask if you can assist the future parents in any way. But it’s usual practice to just be there at a gender reveal party.

How should I dress for a gender reveal?

Now is the time to wear whatever you would normally wear to a local social gathering! Gender reveal events are frequently conducted outside (to pop confetti, glitter, etc.), so plan on wearing shoes and clothing that are appropriate for an afternoon at the park or in your garden.

Are presents anticipated?

Gender reveal parties are not supposed to involve gifts. A gender reveal is more of a social event than a baby shower, giving the prospective parents an informal opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate learning the gender of their child.

What happens if I still truly want to bring a gift?

Don’t allow us to stop you, though! Remember that the gender of the baby will be revealed at the party, so if you have a creative suggestion that would be even more unique if it included the gender, hold off on sharing it until after the revelation.

How exciting is it to reveal a baby’s gender?

Art of Sucre has you covered when it comes to glitter bombs. Launch glitter bombs into your preferred party drink to start the colorful explosion. Put color, sparkle, and all the happy squeals in line.  


Stuff confetti or pink or blue candies into the piñata. Allow Mom and Dad to spar, each taking a swing at the piñata until it breaks.

Paint splash: 

Spoon pink or blue paint into balloons. The expectant parents get to shoot darts at the balloons, popping them and splattering bright colors to announce their gender.

Cake or cupcakes: 

Use a pink or blue filling, or use food coloring to paint the insides; the outside should remain neutral. Not so much unexpectedly delicious as startling you with the revelation.

Pop the confetti and it’s a real party! Guests simultaneously pop them to disclose the gender when they’re all ready.

Balloon box: 

Stuff helium-filled pink or blue balloons into a (large) box. Parents open the box when it’s time to disclose. Balloons and the gender of the impending baby will float out.

Cards to scratch off: 

Not the scratch-off version, but a message in a bottle. Scratch off the cards to reveal the hidden message for the guests. Hint: The gender will convey the message.

Okay! The authority to order and receive the pink or blue revelation is given to someone. The person placing the order has to know the color even though the boxes usually don’t. Make an informed choice.

When is a gender reveal held during pregnancy?

The gender of their baby is usually revealed to parents between 18 and 20 weeks. Therefore, the ideal time to have a gender reveal party is during the window when the expectant mother enjoys being out and about and is in good physical health regularly. 

A reveal should be scheduled for any time between 21 and 30 weeks. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to order the appropriate gender-reveal confetti cannon colors after learning the truth.

Parents open the box when it’s time to disclose. Balloons and the gender of the impending baby will float out.

Cards to scratch off: Not the scratch-off version, but a message in a bottle. Visitors can remove the cards to reveal the message. 

A few things to remember:


Posting the reveal on social media should wait. Let the parents enjoy the excitement of revealing the baby’s gender!


Limit the number of guests. To genuinely spend time together, you’ll want this to feel like a cozy, welcoming environment.

So go ahead and relish the excitement that can only be had when the surprise of a baby’s arrival is revealed. Whether it’s a piñata or confetti, it will undoubtedly be a memorable celebration.

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