Everything you need to know about in-game currency in FIFA 24 – how to get it and the best ways to use it

If you start playing the online mode of a football simulator, you will quickly encounter FC 24 coins – the main currency for which players, decorations and various actions with stadiums are bought, but most importantly – improving the playing staff.

Golden coins play an important role – the main item for which performers are bought and sold, the stadium is improved, and goal celebration cards are accumulated.


When you log into FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time, the system will ask you which club you want to represent. Choose with your heart, and not with the playing composition, because in FUT, unlike the career mode, all players for the starting lineup will be selected randomly and in the future you will need to mine or buy FC 24 coins to improve your gaming capabilities.

Football card sets and individual players

There are no individual football players in FIFA 24, but there are cards with their parameters and level of strength and capabilities.

It can be of bronze, silver and gold quality with different characteristics for the same football player.

You can receive them directly or from cases.

The case itself can be purchased for FC 24 coins, or received for participation in events and tournaments from EA Sports.

Now, in FIFA 24, each card can be improved by spending points that are gained by completing weekly tasks.

Bronze cards can be improved if you plan to switch to gold cards in the future, but do not want to update the composition gradually, but switch immediately as you accumulate the base.

You can now collect silver cards, because they are better than bronze ones, but not necessarily, because you can not improve the players’ cards at all, but simply accumulate gold ones for tournaments, playing with bronze ones and invest points in gold cards, which will definitely be in your main lineup for a long time.


Every day and once a week, the game system will update in-game tasks for you, which will allow you to consistently receive FIFA 24 coins and accumulate points to strengthen your cards, spending them at your discretion.

You won’t be asked to do anything special – regular game mechanics that will help improve your game and add new features to your gameplay.

For example:

  1. Pass 50 passes without interception.
  2. Make a series of canopies.
  3. Play without penalty cards.
  4. Release football players from a certain country or club onto the field.

The tasks will not be difficult, but due to them, you will try new mechanics that you might not have used before.

For example, some players ignore crosses, although this is a safer analogue of a pass, which is more difficult to intercept than sending the ball across the lawn.

Have time to complete tasks on time and receive FC 24 coins; if you don’t have time, then your progress will simply be reset, and the orders will be updated.

This means that there will be no partial result and the task is either completed or not.

Simple matches

All types of online matches that you play against other players are awarded FIFA 24 coins depending on the result. The amount depends on victory, defeat, or a draw.

For frequent victories you will progress in the football league, and for a large number of matches, regardless of the result, you will get the right to qualify and get into the qualifications of the weekend tournament, where you can get at least one gold pack with a random football player, but if you pass the qualification stage and if you get into the main part, there will be more such rewards.

Qualifying for the weekend tournament

Not everyone will be able to participate in the tournament, which is regularly held by EA Sports, but the requirements for those who wish will not be too high either.

You need to score 1500 points, which will be awarded for wins, losses and draws.


If you score 1500 points, then you will receive an invitation to qualify, which means that you will not leave without the minimum trophies.

You have to play 10 matches against completely random opponents. To advance to the main stage of the tournament, you need to win at least 4 of them.

For each victory you will receive gold sets with a random player, but even if you lose absolutely all the games, you will still receive at least one set, three games will bring more cards, and if you win 4 matches or more, then you will not only you will advance to the next stage, but also receive more than 10 small and large sets of gold quality.

Main stage

If you have passed two stages of selection and got into the main part of the tournament, it means that you have already minimally strengthened your playing squad with golden player cards and now the main thing is not to stop and play the next 20 matches with the maximum number of victories that you can secure.

Even if it is only 5 matches, this will already be good progress, and you will receive more sets of football players and FC 24 coins.

The further you can go, the more cases you can get, and therefore the more chances of getting titled forwards who will bring you more victories in subsequent matches due to the speed and technicality possessed by world players like Messi, Ronaldo and others. It is on such cards that it is better to spend improvement points for the task system.


In addition to tasks, FIFA has separate modes with similar gameplay, but different requirements, for which you can receive additional FC 24 coins.

This is a format in which you, as a coach, receive orders from the board of directors and must fulfill all their wishes in order to receive cheap FIFA 24 coins.

Often one of the requirements is to get players from a certain country onto the field, and this is where the value of cheap, but non-standard cards that rise sharply in price lies.

These could be players from Algeria, Kenya, Wales – countries that do not have many titled football representatives and finding them to put on the field is sometimes a difficult task.

This is the main argument for keeping all the cards that have a low value for these challenges, or selling them for a better amount of coins in the transfer window.


This is an interesting format in which the player is given interesting tasks within the framework of historical matches from different football tournaments, and you need to solve them in a specified and reliable way.

For example, if for Liverpool’s comeback over Milan in the Champions League, Steven Gerrard must score a goal, then only he must realize the chance in order for the result to be counted, and you will be given a reward in the form of regular football simulator coins.

How to top up your account with new gold coins from the FIFA football simulator

You can always just buy the amount of football coins you need to immediately get a significant boost to your team and try to open as many gold packs as possible, or just browse the transfer window and buy the players you need and want from other players, but be prepared to pay a fair amount for especially rare world-class players, but it’s better than pushing your luck with the chance of getting hundreds of lousy cards for your investment.

To buy cheap FIFA 24 Skycoach coins, you just need to leave a request on the website and pay for the order, and then a manager will contact you and discuss the supply of game currency.

For a successful and anonymous delivery, you need to transfer your account to credit coins.

It is safe because the Skycoach service values its name and provides you with guarantees of anonymity and the opportunity to return funds in case of disputes.

The service values its name, therefore it provides guarantees of the safety of all your valuable items on your account.

By handing over your account to a service employee, you significantly reduce the likelihood of the transaction being detected by the game administration, but after completing the delivery, be sure to change your password.

Conclusions on the methods of obtaining FC 24 coins, which were described in the article

The most important role in FIFA 24 is played by matches against other players and the search for new players, who will be obtained through matches, tournaments, or buy FC 24 coins.

You’ll always play regular matches to move up and down your division rank, earn FC coins based on your performance, and qualify for the EA Sports tournament, where you can earn gold packs with random players.

Try to pay attention to daily and weekly tasks and challenges that will direct you to football activities and help you master new mechanics, and reward you with FC 24 coins for this.

Always give priority to tasks, because the time to complete them is limited, they give you rewards and points, for which you can enhance the player cards you already have.

Otherwise, your priority should be to constantly update and improve the playing composition, so that all players are technical and fast, and also have good teamwork with each other for better interaction. This is because no matter how well you understand the game and know tactical techniques, without good performers you simply will not be able to outplay more technical opponents – you simply will not be able to beat them, or run away from them with the ball.

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