How to Get a Free Zone License for Your Business

A free zone license in the United Arab Emirates can be a desirable choice if you’re trying to launch a business. In specified free zones, foreign businesses can establish operations without the assistance of a local sponsor or partner. There are more than fifty free zones dispersed around the United Arab Emirates (UAE). About 200,000 companies from outside the UAE have set up shop in these free zones, and they are significantly increasing the GDP of the nation. After selecting a free zone, the next step is to apply for a license. This means submitting the necessary documents, such as copies of passports, company plans, and other relevant information.

How Do I Establish a Business in the UAE Free Zones?

Commercial business laws do not apply to companies that are established in free zones. Even though the appropriate free zone authorities have set their laws and regulations there, UAE law does not apply to free zones within the country.

These Meydan free zone license present a fantastic business opportunity to investors worldwide by offering a friendly work environment and straightforward company creation procedures. The procedure is simple and uncomplicated. To establish a Free zone business in Dubai, one needs to do the following:

  • Determine the Business Activity
  • Choose a Trade Name
  • Apply for a Business License
  • Choose a Workplace
  • Register Your Business
  • Open a Bank Account

The Price of a UAE Free Zone License

The principal aim of creating these free zones is to entice overseas capital and foster economic expansion inside the area. Depending on the nation and the particular free zone, there may be differences in the price of acquiring a license. Certain free zones might have cheaper charges than others, while some might need a sizable outlay to obtain a license.

Generally speaking, application, registration, and recurring annual costs are included in the price of a free zone license. Furthermore, certain UAE-free zones could have unique specifications, including a minimum capital commitment, which raises the total cost of getting a license. When choosing to operate in a free zone, businesses should carefully evaluate the fees and restrictions of acquiring a license.

In UAE Free Zones, What Kinds of Licenses Are Available?

To accommodate diverse kinds of enterprises and activities, the UAE free zones offer a variety of licensing categories. It is crucial to keep in mind that different free zones may offer different kinds of licenses, as well as different prerequisites and costs. To find out the precise requirements, it is best to speak with a free zone authority or business establishment specialist. The following are a few of the typical license categories:

Trading License

Companies who plan to import, export, distribute, or store goods in the free zone in Dubai must obtain this kind of trade license.

Service License

Businesses that provide services including marketing, advertising, IT services, and consulting must have this license.

Industrial License

Businesses involved in manufacturing or other industrial operations must get an industrial license.

E-commerce License

Companies that engage in online trading or e-commerce operations must have this license.

Why Form a Business in a United Arab Emirates Free Zone?

A primary motivator for foreign investors to choose UAE free zones for business ventures. Additionally, there are lots of advantages for new businesses that open in free zones. Due to their generous incentives and a wide array of possibilities for investors, free zones in the United Arab Emirates are the most sought-after places for company ventures.


To develop a presence in the region, entrepreneurs and businesses may find it advantageous to obtain a free zone license in the United Arab Emirates. To prevent legal problems and guarantee a good corporate operation, it is imperative to adhere to the required processes and rules.

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