Which Meat Is Consumed The Most On A Scale?

Most Popular Consumed Meats

You’ll be shocked to learn about the statistics and facts of meat consumption, regardless you’re a huge meat eater, a vegan, or a person who consumes it rarely. Humans currently consume millions of tonnes of meat annually, a sharp increase in consumption of meat throughout time. The type of meat that tends to be eaten worldwide differs based on some variables, such as social customs, accessibility, and economic considerations. Nevertheless, when data are taken into account globally, poultry, particularly chicken, seems to rank as the most frequently eaten meat since people just love to make chicken wings takeaway. Let’s investigate the elements which contribute to chicken’s appeal and address how other prominent meats are consumed. 

Why Is An Excessive Meat Intake Cause For Concern?

Meat consumption is bad for several reasons. An extremely “inefficient” food source is meat. Meat production is the most energy, water, and land-intensive of all food sources. The creation of meat contributes significantly to the release of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

An Extremely “Inefficient” Food Is Meat

Compared to other foods, meat has a substantially larger “energy footprint”. Meat production requires 75 times more energy than maize production. And to grow food for cattle as well as other livestock animals in Europe, an area of vegetation seven times the size of the EU is required.

Most Popular Consumed Meats


Over time, global consumption of chicken has gradually climbed, resulting in it being the most popular meat. Its widespread use is due to a variety of factors. First off, relative to other meats, chicken is extensively readily accessible and reasonably priced. It is a popular ingredient in many different cuisines around the globe due to its versatility and ability to be made in a variety of methods. In addition, chicken is viewed as a leaner alternative to red meats like beef or hog because it is a leaner meat. Due to its mild flavour, it can be used in a variety of cuisines that will please various palates.


Another meat that is extensively consumed around the world is pork, especially in nations where dishes using pork have a long history. In places like Europe, East Asia, as well as Southeast Asia, it is frequently eaten. Bacon, gammon, sausages and other slices of pig, like ribs and loin, are popular pork items. The rich flavour and adaptability of pork in cooking are well known. Yet, in some areas, cultural and religious considerations impact its consumption habits.


The wild ancestors of contemporary cattle, known as aurochs, were hunted by early humans, who ultimately tamed them. Since then, breeding continues to be carried out to increase the meat’s quality or yield. Steak, roast beef, pot roast, brisket, and of course ground or minced for hamburger or kabab are just a few of the various ways that beef is served. In terms of protein content, beef comes in fifth place, following emu, elk, bison, and turkey. 


The fourth most common meat in the world is lamb which is the meat of sheep that are between 0 and around 1 year old. Many Mediterranean cultures, especially those of Greece, Turkey, North Africa, especially the Middle East, are particularly known for it. It is also present in the cuisines of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Lamb is a staple ingredient in many Greek recipes and religious celebrations like Easter. In northern Spain’s Basque culture, lamb is likewise highly valued. In ancient Mesopotamia, sheep were amongst the first animals to be domesticated for use in agriculture between 11,000 BCE and 9,000 BCE. Their main purposes of production were meat, milk, as well as skins. Sheep were first used for their wool circa 6000 BCE.


Goats rank as the fifth most popular meat in the entire globe. In the past, Northern European, American, and Canadian cuisines have used goat meat less frequently. In some specific markets, however, such as those which cater to immigrants from Asia and Africa who favour goat meat over other meats like beef, hog, and chicken, it has recently grown in popularity. Goat meat demand is increasing steadily in the US. Since it contains a variety of essential elements like protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, as well as potassium, goat meat is regarded as the finest red meat.

It is a better choice for patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and kidney problems because it has more potassium and less sodium than lamb, cattle, chicken, and hog. In comparison to lamb, hog, beef, and chicken, goat meat has 143 fewer calories per 100 grammes, total fat, saturated fat, as well as cholesterol. As a result, goat meat is not simply the best red meat, but also superior to chicken in terms of nutrition.

Final Words

While chicken is typically the meat that is eaten the most worldwide, different countries and areas have different preferences for particular cuts of meat. Trends in consuming meat are significantly influenced by elements like accessibility, cost, cultural customs, and nutritional choices. Knowing these elements may assist one obtain information about international culinary traditions & food-related developments.

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