EA Offers Free FC 24 Pack, But Not For Everyone!

EA, the well-known video game company, is gearing up to delight FC 24 Ultimate Team players with a substantial gift. However, this gift comes with a catch! It is intended solely for a specific group of players. Continue reading to discover more about this intriguing offer and its potential impact on you.

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EA’s content plans

EA has kicked off the year impressively for FC 24 Ultimate Team, launching a variety of promos, SBCs, Evolutions, and Objectives. This surge of new content enriches the gaming experience, although it frequently leads to a reduction in players’ FC 24 coins and points balance as new items are unveiled daily.

To counteract this, EA periodically awards players with complimentary items to enhance their gameplay. This is something they’ve done previously and are planning to do yet again. However, this time around, there’s a condition to note!

Exciting Free FC 24 Pack Soon for PlayStation Plus Members

In the past, EA has delighted fans with surprise freebies, including a Jumbo Rare Players Pack and a Euro 2024 player. Now, they’re poised to do it again.

This exciting news comes with a twist! This time, the free pack is set to be an exclusive offer for PlayStation Plus members. Unfortunately, this means Xbox and PC users will not have access to some of the FIFA Ultimate Team items in this pack.

The free pack is expected to be a rich one, boasting 11 Rare Gold Players, all with a rating of 82 or higher. Even better, two of these players are guaranteed to be rated 86 or higher. Additionally, the pack will contain one Base Icon loan pick that can be used for seven matches. Please note that all items from this pack will be untradeable.

How to Claim Your Free FC 24 Pack

As of now, the exclusive FC 24 pack for PlayStation Plus members has not been released. However, reliable sources suggest that its launch is imminent.

Based on prior releases, it’s likely that the pack will become available under the FC 24 add-ons section in the PlayStation Store or it could automatically appear in the FC Ultimate Team Store.

Please note, this pack is exclusively for PlayStation Plus members and includes unique rewards.


In conclusion, while this exclusive offer from EA may disappoint Xbox and PC users, it’s an exciting opportunity for PlayStation Plus members to enhance their FC 24 Ultimate Team. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Store or your FIFA Ultimate Team Store for this generous gift and make the most of the unique rewards it offers. Don’t forget to visit u7buy EA Sports FC boosting. As always, stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!

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