Ways That Gamers Can Potentially Make Money From Their Hobby

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Regardless of whether you prefer FPS games, word games, puzzle games, or any other genre, billions of people enjoy some form of gaming.

Hobby gaming is enough for some people, and it might be seen as a way to switch off after the day of work is done. However, for some lucky (and hard-working) people, there’s a chance to make money from the hobby. It depends on the type of game, the skills, and so many other factors, of course.

From competitive play to sponsorship and more, we’re exploring the ways gamers might be able to make a buck from their hobby, so to speak.

The World of Content Creators

You may already follow content creators who focus on the games you love, and in the gaming niche, YouTubers may be the first thing to enter your mind when you think about making money from gaming. 

Many of the contenders for the title of richest gamer are content creators in one way or another, either sharing their live streams, playthroughs, or other videos. Most of us will never reach the heights some of these gamers have with their income and huge following, but they are proof of concept, showing that there are a lot of ways that gaming can become a career choice.

Content creation isn’t necessarily YouTube, either. Twitch is an option, as well as people using their own platforms like newsletters. Starting out on your own can be tough, of course, so using an already-established platform of gamers may be a help.

Lots of the top videos also have high production values and gamers who have amassed millions of followers are usually very good at what they do, with a charismatic character people want to follow.

Videos can vary massively in terms of what they feature, a lot of FC24 players focus on FC24 pack opening videos, which are really easy to make, they are just reaction videos to the players that are “packed” in the Ultimate Team function. Tutorial videos and similar are harder to make but they do have a long-term appeal and a lot of people are looking for this information.

Content creators can make money through the YouTube partner program, through sponsorship, and a lot of other creative methods.

Competitive Gaming

For someone who is super skilled and competitive, esports might be your ticket to making a living gaming. Esports tournaments offer massive prize pools, sometimes reaching millions of dollars. Fortnite, CS2, League of Legends, or Call of Duty are all popular options – there’s a tournament for lots of games. Plus, being good at esports can lead to sponsorships and salaried positions on professional teams.


If you’re a pro at certain games, consider offering coaching services. Some players are willing to pay for one-on-one sessions to improve their skills. 

People can offer tutorials on platforms like Gamer Sensei or Fiverr or through their own following and social media. Follow a lot of successful gamers? You may already see a lot of people offering these kinds of services online. Hera, the Age of Empires II professional, provides tutorials that he sometimes even makes public on YouTube.

Game Testing

Game developers need people to test their games for bugs and provide feedback on gameplay. It’s a perfect gig if you have a keen eye for detail and love trying out new games but it is certainly competitive. People can find game testing jobs on various job boards or directly through game developer websites, and apply for them online. The work is remote and can be a lot of fun, but as we mentioned, a lot of people are looking to apply for these positions.

Making a Game

A lot of people play games and think they have a great idea for the kind of game they would love to get made. Decades ago this required huge funding and resources, but now, thanks to computing and modern tools like Unity and Unreal Engine, it’s easier than ever to start game development, and though it takes a long time to build up the skill, there are also communities that can help. 

People can sell their games on platforms like Steam or the App Store directly and there’s a market for simple games. People don’t need to create the next The Last of Us to become popular.

Creating games can be rewarding, but it is tough. Most game developers come into the industry because they are fans first and foremost. There are even some amazing examples of people who have made games on their own and been incredibly successful. Undertale was made by one person, who even made the music for the game. 


Gamers may dream of turning it into their living – gaming is a billion-dollar industry with opportunities for people to get involved, and tens of thousands of people working in development and other areas of the industry. 

Money From Their Hobby

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