10 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Followers and Likes

With changes in Facebook’s algorithm and Terms of Service, it is possible to notice ups and downs of numbers in the form of engagement. If you’re struggling with gaining Facebook followers and post likes, then you can practice these 10 insightful strategies.

  1. Post at the most favorable time.

Success on Facebook not only depends on what you are posting but also when you upload your content. People around the world access Facebook at different times. So, it is important to understand the schedule of your specific audience. To get started, you can use research and analytics where you can see when your followers tend to be online. Customizing your posting schedule based on the audience’s schedule improves the chances of your post being seen and engaged with the audience.

  1. Engagement with your Facebook community.

Most E-commerce brands make the mistake of underestimating the need to interact with their customers. Small retailers take the best advantage of it by developing strong connections with their customers. To get more people to come to your Facebook business page and become your potential customers, you must invest in interacting with them.

Add humor, emotional connectivity, and thoughtful responses to your DMs (direct messages) and comments. Ask your audience to give their feedback and recommendations to show that you are paying attention to their needs and desires. And post UGC (user-generated content) to express appreciation towards your Facebook community. 

  1. Organize a giveaway.

Hosting a giveaway is a cost-effective and simple way to attract audience members and new visitors to your Facebook page and posts. It can be a great idea to share your giveaway to niche groups on Facebook or forums, giveaway websites, other social media channels, and your Facebook page.

You can make rules to encourage people to engage with your page and ask them to tag their friends in your giveaway Facebook post and add it to their Facebook post to draw the attention of more audience. As a result, followers tend to visit your Facebook page and give likes. 

  1. Repost your best-performing content smartly.

It can be a smart decision to post content that has already brought you a large number of real followers, likes, and other forms of engagement. You can repost your popular content smartly. This would be the best trick when you have no unique content ideas for post creation. 

  1. Get natural shoutouts.

Getting shoutouts organically from trending and trusted Facebook pages can drive more Facebook followers. However, when getting a shoutout, you must find brands who feature their users or other non-competing businesses consistently on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. This will help you get your post shared with a new audience.

  1. Try uploading different types of content.

When you are not receiving enough Facebook likes, followers, or other forms of engagement, then you must experiment with different sorts of content. Mix various types like photos, videos, live videos, memes, etc. to understand what aligns best with your audience’s interests and preferences.

Adjust your content creation and posting strategy based on the gathered insights to post content that gathers a positive response from the audience. It can help you reduce the frequency of ineffective posts. As a result, you can keep your audience interested and engaged in your page. 

  1. Use your existing email list.

Do you know that your existing email list can be your best strategy to increase followers on Facebook organically? Add your Facebook page link in your emails and persuade your subscribers to follow your page. When you get any thanks mail from your customers, you can ask them to follow you on Facebook and like your page.

  1. Include social media links to your website.

Not only on your email, but you can also include your Facebook page URL on your website. Facebook or other social media icons can appear in the footer, header, or sidebar based on your website theme. You can get support from a website designer or a social media expert to add your Facebook URL strategically to your website.

  1. Create a Facebook group.

A Facebook group is one of the most powerful tools to develop a strong community around your business or interest. Creating a Facebook group can be the best way to gather your potential audience in a single place, share insights, and start meaningful conversations. Apart from creating your group, you can also participate in other groups relevant to your niche. When you create your group, be sure to apply rules to make sure constructive interactions, thereby developing a positive environment for all members.

You can find groups that feature people with interests that resonate with your brand. When group members find your page and its benefits, they are more likely to follow your page on Facebook. Joining groups can also assist you in learning how to schedule group posts to maintain your presence effectively in all the groups you are participating in. 

  1. Invest in paid Facebook ads.

All the strategies mentioned above can take some time to bring you enough followers organically. If you want to expand your follower base quickly and afford to invest money, then you can consider running paid Facebook ads that are primarily meant to increase your following. You can target a certain audience by several demographic factors to make sure that you reach the right target audience. Moreover, setting up paid Facebook ads is also easier.

Wrapping up

A very good way to increase your followers and overall engagement on Facebook is to use only organic strategies, as mentioned above. This will certainly take some time but will protect you from any penalty by the algorithm. All the strategies mentioned in this post are tried and tested by several social media marketers and found highly effective in growing the presence and success of a Facebook page. Don’t forget to measure your page performance through analytics to stop investing time in strategies that don’t work for your Facebook campaign. 

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