How to use Gimkit code  for homework assignments and assessments

In this article, we will show you how to use Gimkit for homework assignments and assessments, and how to use Gimkit code to join a live game session.

What are Gimkit assignments?

Gimkit assignments are a way for you to assign Gimkit games to your students that they can play on their own from anywhere. You can use assignments for distance learning, independent study, or homework. Assignments can be linked to your classes, so you can easily Gimkit codetrack your students’ progress and results. You can also set due dates, cash goals, question goals, and other options for your assignments.

How to create a Gimkit assignment?

Creating a Gimkit assignment is easy and takes Gimkit codejust a few minutes. Here are the steps to create an assignment:

1. Sign in to Gimkit and create a new kit (question set) or choose an existing one.

2. Click the “Assign HW” button next to the Gimkit code kit you want to use. You can also create an assignment from your Assignments section, but you will need to select a kit first.

3. Select the mode you want to use for your assignment from the mode picker and click continue. You can choose from 10+ different game modes, such as Gimkit code Classic, Trust No One, Team vs Team, etc.

4. Select options for your assignment. You can set a due date, choose a class or classes to link your assignment to, and customize other options specific Gimkit code to the game mode you selected. For example, you can set a cash goal or a question goal for your assignment. The question goal is optional. The goal that students reach first will end the assignment.

5. Click “Create Assignment” and copy the link that appears. This is the link you need to share with your students so they can access the assignment.

How to share and manage Gimkit assignments?

There are different ways to share and manage your Gimkit code Gimkit assignments depending on whether you linked them to your classes or not.

– If you linked your assignment to a class or classes, your students will see the assignment in their dashboards when they log in to Gimkit. They just need to click on the assignment and start playing. You don’t need to share the link with them, but you can if you want to.

– If you didn’t link your assignment to any class, you need to share the link with your students by email, Google Classroom, or any other method you Gimkit code prefer. Your students don’t need a Gimkit account to play the assignment, they just need to enter their name when they click on the link.

To manage your assignments, go to your Assignments section from your dashboard. You will see a list of all your assignments and their status (open or closed). You can click on any assignment to view its details, results, report, and progress. You can also edit or delete any assignment from this section.

How to complete a Gimkit assignment?

There are two ways for students to complete a Gimkit assignment:

– Reach the target cash goal: Students earn Gimkit code in-game cash by answering questions correctly. They can also spend their cash on upgrades and power-ups that can help them earn more cash or sabotage other players. The cash goal is set by the teacher when creating the assignment.

– Reach the target question goal: Students Gimkit code answer questions on their own device at their own pace. They need to answer a certain number of questions correctly to complete the assignment. The question goal is optional and set by the teacher when creating the assignment.

If an assignment has both a cash goal and a Gimkit code question goal, the assignment will end when either one of them is reached.

How to view Gimkit assignment results and reports?

You can view your students’ results and reports for any Gimkit assignment from your Assignments section. Just click on the Results tab of any assignment to see how each student performed on the assignment. You can sort the results by name, class, cash earned, questions answered, accuracy, etc.

You can also click on the Open Report button at the top of any assignment to see a detailed report of the assignment. The report will show you various statistics and graphs about the assignment, such as average questions answered, average accuracy, question Gimkit code difficulty, question distribution, and student feedback.


Gimkit is a versatile and engaging platform that you can use for homework assignments and assessments. You can create and assign Gimkit games to your students that they can play on their own time, with different modes and options to suit your learning objectives. You can also track and analyze your students’ progress and results with Gimkit reports. And if you want to join a live game session with your students, you can use Gimkit code to do so. Gimkit is a fun and effective way to reinforce and assess your students’ knowledge. Try it out today and see the difference!

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